LISTEN: Dorm Pets Graduate at a Florida College

ST. PETERSBURG -- It's college graduation season, and at one Florida college, that goes for pets as well as people.

Eckerd College is holding a graduation ceremony Tuesday (11th) for the pets of graduating seniors.

According to Eckerd, the 73 "graduates" include 34 dogs, 15 cats, three guinea pigs, three bearded dragons, two rats, two snakes, two tortoises, two rabbits, two leopard geckos, two turtles, a chinchilla, a crested gecko, a chameleon, a gecko, a frog and a fish. As in human graduations, the pet gets to wear a cap, hear its name called and be walked across the stage to cheers, and receive a certificate. Eckerd also honors a human with an honorary "dogtorate" for working on animal welfare and improving campus life for creatures.

Eckerd was the first college to allow students to bring pets on campus in the 1970s. Students are currently allowed one larger pet (such as a dog) or two smaller pets (such as fish, small birds, or hamsters).

Hear an interview with Mackenzie Siddon, in charge of campus Pet Life, below:

Photo: Canva

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